Nov 16, 2010

Blue Screen of Death [ BSoD ]

BSOD [ Blue Screen of Death ] or identified as a Windows stop error or BugCheck Code.. It’s a message error on the computer screen for some operation system specially Microsoft Windows.. Its display a blue screen which is when error system occur its can causes the system shutdown to prevent from excessive damage on the system.

You certainly have the feel the situation about this BSoD, maybe once in your life. This error usually occur when windows detects a problem or software error, hardware or software driver where windows can not continue the operating system correctly. This error is not caused by the 3 error above but the virus also can cause this BSOD.

Recognize BSOD

This BSOD is divided to 4 parts.

1. BugCheck information
Hexadecimal number together with “STOP” is called bug check code or stop code.. This is the important thing in BSOD.

For some bug checker, it’s brings to explanation what is happen or suggestion how you to finalize this matter.

Bug Check Symbolic Names

Every code for bug checker has a symbolic name individual.

Example above DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is represent 0×000000D1 code

2. Recommended user action

Provides a list of proposal for treat or repair the error.

3. Drive Information
A part that have a contain details information about driver. If the hardware driver file or software is listed in this blue screen liability it’s a cause to BSoD.

4. Debug port and status information
Operation system will try to save system memory even to file that be found on hard drive or one of COM ports in this Stop error case. This part is give explanation about procedure.

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