Nov 16, 2010

Laptop Protection Tips

Laptops are more vulnerable damaged rather than the computer. Because of that we need to protect or “treat” properly so as its can be used any longer.

Do not let the new laptops we purchased a few months become damaged just because we are wrong to “treat” or protect.

We would need to refer to the following tips for a laptop to work on the maximum performance. Together with Computer Blog – Computer Tips, Guide, And Tricks
Do not bring a beverage or liquid with a laptop.
Do not put a laptop with a magnetic field source. Such as TV, Speaker Active, Radio Tape, or phone. Magnetic field will affect mainly the laptop hard drive components.
Keep Laptops into Beg provided
Do not move the laptop while still on
Use stavolt or stabilizer.
Do not lend laptops to anyone that you don’t know.
Install anti-virus and update periodically.
Shutdown properly.
Keep in a place with temperatures not too extreme
Do not disassemble the laptop itself (Ask for technician).
Clean the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner or air sprayed on the sidelines of the keyboard.
Be caution when opening and closing the laptop screen.
Hope you are beneficial from the tips above.

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