Dec 24, 2013

Create a hidden folder in Windows 7

Follow the following steps to hide folders without using any software:

Firstly, create a new folder.

Right-click on the newly created folder and from the the menu select Rename option.

Hold Alt key and press 9 key nine times and then press Enter key. You will see a blank folder name for that folder.

Again right-click on that folder and select Properties.

From the properties window, select Customize tab.

Select Change Icon form the Folder icons part.

Now, select a blank folder icon form the Change Icon for Folder window.

Click on OK button.

Again, click on OK button of the folder properties.

Block All Porn Sites in Windows 7

At first go Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center
There you will see Local Area Connection . Click it.
Then click Properties
Now you should see Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) . Click it. Then the Properties button will be activated.

Click Properties . In the next window you've to fill the bottom box of DNS Server. Just click the radio button of Use the following DNS server address: and put the following DNS server address there:

208 . 67 . 222 . 123
208 . 67 . 220 . 123

Okay, you have done it. Just click Ok and exit. Try to access any porn site. Surely, you wont able to access or visit any porn/adult sites.