Jun 13, 2014

How to fix USB Device not Recognized Windows 7 error

1) Uninstall the drivers of the device which was not recognized and install them again in your Computer, sometimes it will fix the problem
2) Sometimes Restart the Computer and Uninstall the USB Drivers and Install them again will also solve your Problem
3) Even you browse for Device in the Device manager list, you still see the device as Unknown
4) The method which i am going to tell do not need any tweaks in registry, uninstalling files.
5) Unplug your Computer from the power Supply, by doing this we are giving the chance for Motherboard to Reboot
6) By rebooting motherboard , the small chip of USB Drivers are also reloaded and they will start again working
7) We may think turning off the System by normal shut down can do this, but it do not since even we turn off the computer motherboard still get the supply
8) So Shut down the computer by default method and unplug the power socket of PC from the wall outlet
9) Please wait for a minute and then again plug it, now your computer may seems to be Detect all USB Device

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