Aug 25, 2014

Differences between TCP and UDP

Differences between TCP and UDP


1) TCP stands for the Transmission control protocol

2) TCP is Connection Oriented

3) TCP is more reliable

4) TCP is heavy weight

5) TCP is generally used in webpages, Data information etc

6) TCP offers Error connection and Guaranteed Delivery

7) TCP can Provide or Send Larger Packets


1) UDP stands for the User Datagram Protocol

2) UDP is Connectionless oriented

3) UDP is not Reliable

4) UDP is light Weighted

5) UDP is Generally used in the Audio, Video files

6) UDP does not offer Error connection and Guaranteed Delivery

7) UDP can Provide or Send Smaller Packets

Facebook Shortcut Keys

Facebook Shortcut Keys

1) For the Opening of the Home Page, please enter the key Alt+1

2) For viewing your Profile Page, Please enter the key Alt+2

3) For the Friend Requests, Please enter the Key Alt+3

4) For viewing the Messages in your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+4

5) For the Notifications in your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+5

6) For the Settings in the Profile, Please enter the key Alt+6

7) For the Privacy settings for your Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+7

8) For the About us page in the profile, Please enter the key Alt+8

9) For the Terms and conditions in the Profile, enter the key Alt+9

10) For the Help page, please enter the key Alt+0

11) For the Search box in your Profile press Alt+?

12) For Creating a New Message in the Profile, Please enter the Key Alt+M
Note-This shortcut may not work in the Internet Explorer

NOTE-When using this Shortcut keys in different browsers you should adjust according to it

1) When you are using the Firefox, just use Shift+Alt instead of Alt in the above Shortcut keys'

2) When you are using the Internet explorer, hit Enter after the triggering of Shortcut key

3) When you are using the Mac, Please use Ctrl+Opt instead of the Alt in the above shortcut keys

How to Disable USB ports On Computer

How to Disable USB ports On Computer

Let us see how we Can Disable the USB ports in the Computer

1) First visit the My Computer in the Desktop, Just Right Click it we get the Several options

2) On that Click "Manage". you get an other dialog box

3) There Click the "Device Manager" in that Box

4) Now go to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB)

5) Then Click the USB Root hub

6) Please Select Disable from the hub

7) Now no more Pen drives and Modem will not work

8) Similarly By using the Above steps Whenever you want you can Enable the USB ports

How to Trace your Lost Mobile with the IMEI Number

How to Trace your Lost Mobile with the IMEI Number

Our phone numbers are assigned with the Unique Identification Number.

The Number which can be used to track any time is the International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI)

For the IMEI number on your mobile just type *#06# in your Handset or it is Given behind the mobile.It is advisable to note this number

1) First after the Handset theft or loss , File an FIR in the Police station

2) Then Along with FIR and IMEI number, Go to the User Service Provider and Give to them

3) Now The user Service Provider will trace your mobile number by this IMEI number.

4) Even the Phone uses other sim, or if it do not have sim, still it is Traceable

5) Then the Police will able to help for finding and giving to you safely

6) User can Able to block the phone that no one can use them after it is lost by contacting user service provider

7) To Quick access for your lost phone, Do this actions immediately after your Phone is lost or stolen

8) So Be careful in your IMEI number, Make sure to Keep it as a Secret



We cannot use the default windows method, so you need to download one special tool which is given here LOW LEVEL FORMATTING
Format the Password protected Pen Drive with this Tool
Now open the Run box ( Win+R) and type diskmgmt.msc in Box
You can see your Pen Drive, Flash the Drive and allocate the Space
There will be no error after you Allocated the Space to Flash Drive
2) Modify Registry Settings
Before doing things on Registry, please do backup of Registry
Open the Run box ( Win+R) and type regedit in the box
Search for the Following Registry Key in the Window
Click on Write Protect and change the Registry binary value from 1 to 0

Now you had successfully Removed the Write Protection on your Flash Drives/ Memory cards